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I like what you're doing here. It might be helpful to create wiki pages intended as disambiguations for some of these terms, and contextual templates for in-line disambiguation. Say someone uses the term "function" two different ways, once intended as a language construct, and once intended as a mathematical principle. Here's a condensed (and thus unlikely and poor, but it shows the principle) example: "Write a function to do X, then apply a transposition function in order to generate Y". The first use of 'function' is intended as a language construct, where the second use is intended as a mathematical concept. You could take that sentence and pretty it up: "Write a {{{context|language|function}}} to do X, then apply a transposition {{{context|math|function}}} to generate Y". The result might look like this: "Write a function(language construct) to do X, then apply a transposition functionmath construct) to generate Y." In the target page, explain the loose application of the term as it applies to Rosetta Code. (The reason for the superscript hyperlink is so that the word 'function' itself can still be part of whatever hyperlink the template may have been included into the middle of. --Michael Mol 15:04, 17 April 2011 (UTC)