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control structures is huge. Still, it's useful.

Look to other wikis for the mechanism to point other names at a page. For example, if-then-else and the other structure elements above need to redirect to control structures.

coldfusion on control structures doesn't mention whiles or other loop methods, exception handling.

Then again, is exception handling off on another page?

debugging / breaking out of code example:


   require('adodb/');   // not sure it is needed.
   echo "<br>pw:".nl2br(print_r($array1,true)); // debug output

Languages / OS's:

A section for useful reference material. A section for historical details.

For example, an excellent reference tool for php:

create a shortcut called PHP quick reference, with this URL/Location:

javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q)void(q=prompt('PHP Reference:',));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)

recursion needs some love.

edit recursion.