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Pursuing Quantum Electronics as a career path. Interested in the fields of Real-Time FPGA Systems, Sub-micron VLSI designs, Quantum Computing, and Computer Vision. Assiduous involvement in the development of research projects, Ph.D. works, and the publishing of research papers. Team lead for projects, workshops, and event management. Competitive and supportive in peer development, believe in collective growth.

Vision-based planning skills and appealing results in a stipulated time frame. Follower of ”Path of Knowledge”, to instill growth in human society

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AHDL Advanced
C Intermediate
Haskell Beginner
LaTeX Advanced
MATLAB Intermediate
Perl Beginner
Python Intermediate
Risc-V Beginner
SystemVerilog Intermediate
SQL Beginner
Verilog Advanced
Vim Script Beginner
VHDL Advanced
8051 Assembly Advanced
8086 Assembly Intermediate