Visit my repo for this project here. All my contributions are available under the MIT license.

My languages

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C sharp Advanced
OCaml Advanced
PHP Advanced
Python Advanced
JavaScript Proficient
C++ Intermediate
Java Intermediate
PowerShell Intermediate
SQL Intermediate
C Novice
BASIC Beginner
Brainfuck Beginner
R Beginner

Table legend

  • Beginner: I have written something in this and liked it enough to list here. I intend to learn more of it in the future.
  • Novice: I used this extensively for at least a while but I don't consider myself well-versed enough.
  • Intermediate: I know my way around this and used it for large, nontrivial tasks.
  • Proficient: I used it for significant tasks and spent a while delving into its guts, identifying pitfalls and internalising idioms.
  • Advanced: Having spent a lot of time using this, I consider myself very comfortable with it and tend to reach to it for new tasks.
  • Expert: I arrogantly believe I know this language inside out, possibly mistakenly.