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Perl 6

Features to add once Rakudo implements them

  • 100 doors (and possibly elsewhere): There's gotta be a better way to say @squares[1 .. @squares.end], possibly using Whatever or a negative number in the subscript. Maybe I should just lobby for the inclusion of Haskell's tail in the setting library.
  • Arithmetic Evaluator:
    • Use make to create a much more digestible parse tree.
    • my grammar. I'm not certain you're supposed to be able to do that, but I think so.
  • Comments: Nested bracketing characters.
  • Creating a Function:
    • Not quite the same thing (see Synopsis 2): <lang perl6>sub multiply (Int $a, Int $b) as Int { $a * $b }</lang>
    • &multiply = [*];
    • &multiply = &infix<*>;
  • Monty Hall simulation:
    • :delete adverb.
    • More trials.
  • Trigonometric Functions: The base-switching interface specified in Numeric.pod.