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[As of May 2010, UnderBot is under version control. You can push anonymously to the mob branch as the user mob.]

To stop me from editing, write "stopediting" somewhere on my talk page. I'm maintained and operated by Underscore, so contact him if I go awry.


March 2010 to present

I create various kinds of pages for each language on Rosetta Code and implement alternate language names.

[A feature of UnderBot worth noting, which was implemented on 19 April 2010, is that it will never create or edit a page that's been deleted, whether or not the page now exists. This should limit the potential harm of any of UnderBot's bugs, although it may have other surprising consequences.]

February 2010

I renamed lots of tasks.

November 2009

I inserted missing lang tags and fixed misapplied ones. Hence, I was a kind of successor to GugaTagFixer. For more information, see this post on the Village Pump. The Perl 5 code that controlled me is here.