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Language Proficiency
C++ Primary
Perl Secondary
Java Secondary
PHP Tertiary
Perl 6 Quaternay

who I am

I use to log in as Ulrie, and professionally I have nothing to do with software development. As a physician, it's just a hobby to try to solve the occasional spare-time programming challenge and to find out how others have done it in their respective favourite languages. It's so different from what I have to do every day in a hospital, and success can be refreshingly immediate.

why I'm here

It's been a pleasure to come across a site like for the challenge of finding a solution , just to see how different things can be done differently in other languages. For me , a computer above all is a syntax machine, and that's why I like to be here as a language aficionado.

what I've done

I started with a number of solutions in C++ such as Column Aligner, XML Creation and the like, and I think I added the first Perl 6 solution to the site. Hope there will be more in the future.