From Rosetta Code

<lang c>The wind is blowing, blowing over the grass.

It shakes the willow catkins; the leaves shine silver. Where are you going, wind? Far, far away Over the hills, over the edge of the world. Take me with you, wind, high over the sky. I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-wind, Into the sky, the feathery sky and the rabbit.

In autumn the leaves come blowing, yellow and brown. They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge. Where are you going, leaves? Far, far away Into the earth we go, with the rain and the berries. Take me, leaves, O take me on your dark journey. I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-leaves, In the deep places of the earth, the earth and the rabbit.

Frith lies in the evening sky. The clouds are red about him. I am here, Lord Frith, I am running through the long grass. O take me with you, dropping behind the woods, Far away, to the heart of light, the silence. For I am ready to give you my breath, my life, The shining circle of the sun, the sun and the rabbit.</lang>