From Rosetta Code

I have been involved with Logo since the early 80-s. My main concern with it is as an educational tool. It implements the unique characteristic properties of all digital tools in a manner that is (relatively) easy to get curious students to observe. Logo, originally was designed as a thorough introduction to LISP, but with its Turtle Graphics, teachers were biased to see it as an introduction to Constructivism in Education without understanding its LISP-like features.

I teach in teacher training colleges in Israel and I am alarmed by the fact that programs of training experts in the use of digital media in education are blocking their students from being aware of the fact that programming languages are well tested educational tools (even just in introductory courses of CS). It is a cultural blanketing. And I am actively busy in trying to uncover blind spots and lacunae in the Digital Culture. And there are too many of them..