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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
MANOOL The Creator
C Expert: C99
C++ Very Active: C++11
x86 Assembly Expert: x86/x86-64
ARM Assembly Basic: aarch64
UNIX Shell Very Active: POSIX
Bash Very Active
Make Very Active: GNU Make
Pascal High
Modula-2 Intermediate
Oberon Intermediate
Ada Intermediate
Java Intermediate
C# Intermediate
Scheme Intermediate
Common Lisp Basic
Clojure Basic
Smalltalk Intermediate
Self Basic
Forth Basic
Tcl Basic
Kernel Basic
Standard ML Intermediate
Haskell Intermediate
Perl High
Python Intermediate
Lua Basic
CLU Basic
SETL-2 Basic
APL Basic
Occam Basic
Prolog Basic
SQL Intermediate
JavaScript Low
Yacc High: Bison
Lex High: GNU Flex

I am a Turing-complete mammal and the author of MANOOL :-)