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Write a program that can convert convert x86 to LLVM IR, otherwise known as static binary translation.

Points to ponder

  • Q: Is it possible?
    A: It should be of course; they are both Turing-complete
    Longer Answer: It might be more difficult than it sounds; it hasn't been done yet AFAIK

Possible Methods

  • Translate x86 to Vine, then Vine to LLVM IR
    • Vine has about a dozen instructions, should be simple to translate
    • Seems that Vine only translates from a TEMU trace, I wonder if this includes the entire program, or just the execution path (or perhaps it just marks the path as tainted for Vine's SMT solver, which also happens to be STP). Incidentally, TEMU is based on QEMU.
  • Use llvm-qemu to dynamically translate x86 to LLVM IR
  • UQBT
    • BSD-style license, by Sun
    • Stopped in 2001
    • RISC-like backends
      • SPARC

Reference Material