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LLVM Image loader

An executable image loader that utilizes the LLVM bitcode format instead of a native architecture assembly.

Possible Features:

  • Allow Whole Program Optimization between dynamic libraries
    Practically makes the entire program with all of its libraries a single "super binary"
  • C library can be inlined etc.
    • Requires a dependency graph
  • Allow function shiming
  • Allow library access to be controlled (wp:Acces_control_list)
    • Allow particular functions to be controlled
    • Allow file access to be controlled
  • Allow instrumentation/profiling
  • Allow architecture independent binaries
  • A shell that runs programs as functions
  • Support a virtual OS running mode
  • Restricted running modes
    • Complexity restrictions
      • Time complexity
      • Memory complexity
    • Support proof carrying code
  • Reincarnation server
    eg. allow the loader to restart a program if it fails to respond etc.
  • Program hibernation

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