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Supposing we use JavaML as the HLML.

Breaking the project up:

Compiling Java to JavaML[edit]


XML for LangML[edit]

For each target language, an XML equivalent must be defined.

XSLT for LangML[edit]

For each language equivelent, an XSLT transform must be written to convert the XML to the language.

Providing a runtime library[edit]

A pure Java runtime library must be written. For the methods that cannot be implemented in pure Java (eg. I/O), there will need to be a runtime stub in each target language. This could be implemented as a factory.

XLang to JavaML[edit]

To convert an arbitrary high level language to JavaML, it would need:

  • An XML equivalent, "LangML"
  • A compiler to such a "LangML"
  • A transform to JavaML
  • Some sort of runtime, preferably a shim for "XLang's" own runtime, implemented in XLang, and using abstract functions, to be implemented by a factory class in Java, which would use the JavaML runtime discussed above