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Haso Keric

Well known around the IRC Community as sm0kie_ and on as codemastr. Have been active with the mIRC Community over 5 years, as it was one of my first scripting languages.

Some Completed Projects
mArray Snippet
mNumerical Encryption/Decryption
mLast Format
Mixer DLL written in C++ for mIRC to be able to control various volumes on the computer such as Microphone and more.
Script Editor Blocker
mPhone Book
mSE 3.0 written in C++ to add syntax highlighting to the mIRC Script Editor
mTop List
MenuControl DLL for mIRC written in C++ to simulate clicking with a command on a Menubar
CPPDLL Execute for mIRC written in C++ to be able to execute a DLL written in C++ which does not use the mIRC DLL Standards
CPanel Bot first mIRC Bot that has a control panel to be controlled from.
Hotkey DLL for mIRC written in C++. Creates Global hotkeys to execute a mIRC alias also known as function.
Counter-Strike2mIRC Displays CPU Stats and executes commands sent from the Counter-Strike Console.

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