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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
TI-83 BASIC advanced - TI-83 calculator, bored in math class.
QBASIC average - my language of choice. Pity it doesn't compile.
Batch File average - I spend way to much time in DOS
AutoIt average - Temp job. Did a lot of AD work.
HTML average - not sure if this counts as a language per se...
Delphi average - but it's been a while
Pascal average - also been a while
JavaScript beginner - took a couple of college classes
Brainf*** beginner - more of a wish than a fact. I'm studying it now.

I mostly program just for fun, and I love it when it turns out to actually pay. Mostly I just enjoy the process of learning a new language, either programming or otherwise. My favourites are invarably either obfuse (see obfuscate) or obscure. Hence why I'm working on learning Brainf*** and lojban. I just finished working as a AutoIt scriptor (temp job, unfortunatly) and I'm hoping to offload as much as I can before I start forgetting things. Hopefully, in the process I won't forget much.