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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Clojure Very Active
Common Lisp Active
Scheme Interested
Prolog Interested

I am an artificial intelligence specialist. I prefer AI languages like Lisp and Prolog.


Lisp is my favorite programming language because of its consistent syntax and its functional programming, meta-programming, and procedural programming capabilities. To top it all off, Lisp is the dominant language for AI, my specific area of interest.

Text-based languages

I used to use various text-based languages such as C++, JavaScript, PHP, and Perl, however, after using Lisp for a while I can no longer stand them. Even when I use things like Prolog and data formats like CSS and XML, I just embed them in Lisp. Now all I use Lisp.

Lisp Machines

Unfortunately, I no longer have a working Lisp machine, so I am stuck using the crappy existing operating systems. When I write code for an OS, I want that OS to have features such as a persistent single address space, introspection, logging, and reflectivity. As it is I have to spend a huge chunk of my time handling poor operating system design.

It also just so happens that mainstream operating systems are programmed in crappy languages such as C, which I won't dare touch, so I can't hack on them either.

The only solution that I see is to work to reconstruct the glory of the Lisp machines on modern hardware.