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I am a Business Intellegence consultant at a Belgian firm called IKAN Consultant ( and am mainly active in data analysis, learning predictive and segmentation models on telecom data and analyzing social network resulting from mobile usage networks.

I use Ruby, in combination with C for certain memory intensive routines, to do various types of statistical analysis and datamining and am very pleased with the flexibility, power and beauty of this language. I use it in every aspect of my work:

  • Preparing and cleaning data
  • Communicating with data bases (Oracle, MySQL and sqlite3)
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Advanced datamining, from neural networks to segmentations
  • Social network analysis
  • Textmining
  • Vizualization by creating SVG-based graphs (in combination with Inkscape and firefox)

I used to program everything in C++, but learned to know Ruby a few years ago via the FOSDEM events in Brussels. Switching from C++ to Ruby and relying on C for the CPU and memory intensive parts resulted in a huge efficiency increase, and much more programming joy.

In my free time, I'm working on various projects, from building robots to writing an editor.