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I am not a professional programmer, but I possess knowledge of algorithms used to solve common and some not so common computational tasks. I happen to love sorting and searching algorithms, as well as numeric ones. I am well-versed in data structures, a fairly hot topic on Quora, including manipulation of them. I have also submitted code to for a wide variety of tasks, from the mundane (directory ascent, done recursively) to visual collision-detection and rendering, as well as submitting correctly functional code for various sorting algorithms, personally verified correct by exhaustive testing. My day job as a mechanic is decidedly not as intellectual but it pays the bills. At many points in my life, I've really wanted to become a programmer, even having learned the dinosaur languages (Pascal, Cobol and various flavors or BASIC), including the modern and quite fast QB64. My email is, my usual landing spot for correspondence. I have attended some college (2 years), plus completed Technical Schooling for programming an IBM-370 mainframe in COBOL. I am no expert, but I am enthusisastic. Thank you.