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About me

Hi, I am Dirk Herrmann.

Languages I know or knew
Language Proficiency When Comments
6502 Assembly Advanced From about 1984 to 1987 C64 era
Ada Beginner About 2010 Some example code
AWK Advanced Since about 1994 Using it occasionally
Bash Expert Since 1994 Using it on a daily basis
C Expert From about 1987 to 2007
C++ Expert Since about 1993 On a daily basis, mostly C++14 today
Commodore BASIC Advanced From about 1983 to 1987 C64 era
Emacs Lisp Advanced Since about 1993 Mostly C++14 today
Haskell Beginner Since about 2010 Experimenting with it now and then
Java Beginner Since about 2014 Using Java as example language in my unit-testing lectures
LaTeX Advanced Since about 1993 Advanced as user, but not as developer
Lua Beginner About 2023
Make Intermediate Since about 1993
Modula-2 Intermediate 1989-1991 Was taught as first language at university
Pascal Intermediate 1986-1988 Taught at school courses (where I partly supported)
Prolog Beginner Since 2014 Experimenting with it now and then
Python Advanced Since before 2000
Scheme Advanced From about 1996 to 2001 Worked on Guile for some time, still using Scheme and/or Guile now and then
Sed Intermediate Since about 1993 Using it seldomly
Sinclair ZX81 BASIC Beginner 1981 My first small program, written on the ZX81 of a friend
Smalltalk Intermediate 1991 Used for a programming project at university
SQL Beginner Since 2010 Experimenting with it now and then
Tcl Intermediate About 1994-1995
TI BASIC Advanced 1982-1983 The TI-99/4A was my first own computer