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Usage: {{mylang|language|level|altname}}

Where "language" is the name of the programming language you use, and "level" (optional) is something like "beginner", "novice", "advanced", etc. "altname", if present, is a display name for the language (for C#, F#, and other similar languages that cannot have their proper name as a link). Try to use the correct spelling and case (spelling and case everyone else uses) for the language. If you are the first person to declare that you can program in a particular language, please create the user group page (link at the bottom of your user page) with {{langgroup|language}}.

Be sure to put this between {{notmylangbegin}} and {{notmylangend}} templates or things will just look weird.

This is a template. There are many others. See Category:RCTemplates for a complete list of templates.