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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
zkl Expert/wrote it
C Expert/professional
C++ Just say no
Perl Historical
Python Expert/professional (past)
UNIX Shell Intermediate
Pascal past
Teco past
BASIC Hey, I was a kid
Lisp wanna be
Haskell wanna be
Self wanna be
SmallTalk wanna be
J wanna be
Java bleck
JavaScript bleck

Hi, I'm Craig D, residing in the USA. My web page is and you can contact me at that domain with my user name.

I've spent several decades writing software for HP R&D (X11 drivers, hardware drivers, language ports, HP-UX, Windows, VMS, CP/M, Z80/68K/PDP-6/11/custom asm, Web, server farms, yada, yada, yada).