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I do not list anything under my language "Proficiency" because I am not for hire, nor do I volunteer for free software projects. I am a disabled senior citizen, and have not programmed except for pleasure, in amounts that do not exceed my limits, for many years. So my "proficiency" simply does not matter.

That said, it seems to me that anyone who can write in ATS deserves to be considered at least adequate at programming. (And it implies more than a vague acquaintance with C, which serves well as an intermediate language.)

I will often add examples in languages that are not on the list; and also will do examples in m4 of things maybe no one else would have thought ot doing in m4. (Evolutionary algorithm, for instance. It takes forever to run.)

I am, by the way, the person who made some of the fonts on Google Fonts: Goudy Bookletter 1911, Sorts Mill Goudy, Fanwood, Linden Hill, and maybe one or two others. I have not made fonts in years, and it is difficult to do. It was done with much physical pain, unfortunately. These fonts already existed and were adopted by Google Fonts upon its start-up.

My website is but it has little to do with computer programming.