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Languages I Know
Language Proficiency
360 Assembly Rusty
6502 Assembly Proficient
6800 Assembly Proficient
68000 Assembly Rusty
8080 Assembly Beginner
Z80 Assembly Beginner
8086 Assembly Rusty
80386 Assembly Beginner
PDP-8 Assembly Rusty
PDP-11 Assembly Beginner
HLA Beginner
BASIC Proficient
C Rusty
C++ Beginner
Forth Beginner
Fortran Rusty
J Beginner
Java Beginner
JavaScript Beginner
Pascal Rusty
Perl Beginner
Python Beginner

I am Michael Barry. My introduction to personal computing was in early 1979, when one of my 7th Grade teachers, Mr. Lanny Hertzberg, acquired a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1, Level 1, with 4k of RAM. I learned BASIC on that machine (which was upgraded to 16k Level 2 within a year), then saved up enough money to buy an Apple II+ a couple of years later. I was fascinated by the speed of machine language, and taught myself 6502 Assembly to satisfy that need for speed. I bought a Commodore 64 in 1983, and kept it beside my Apple II+, spending roughly equal time with both through the 11th and 12th grades.

I majored in Computer Engineering in college, and that's where I picked up 360 Assembly, Fortran, Pascal, and C (as well as PDP-8, PDP-11, and 68000 Assembly). I used my Apple II throughout college for homework assignments. The remaining languages on my list are little more than points of interest, since computers are a hobby at this point in my life ... I am an ASE Master Automotive Technician, and a licensed California Smog Technician. As I slowly reach the physical limitations associated with my advancing years, I will very likely be looking for a replacement career in the computer science field, perhaps sooner rather than later. I will definitely need to do some studying before making the jump ... my engineering training is definitely from the 1980s, when 8086s, Z80s, and 6502s competed for the personal computer market, and VAXen and CYBERs competed for main-frame popularity on-campus.

Thanks to Ed K ... I borrowed his template to complete this page! Anyone wishing to trade 8-bit and/or 12-bit stories with me can contact me by adding to my user-name.