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I teach mathematics and programming at college level. I already had my pupils program in

  • Logo
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • CoffeeScript
  • Scratch

I began creating a language called Sofus[1] which simplifies considerably programming in french language. It is inspired by Logo and Cobol and yields in place transformation of variables (hence its name which honors Sophus Lie, who invented the transformation groups). If v is a variable, Sofus is able to

  • add, subtract anything to v (and even a percentage or a fraction)
  • multiply or divide by anything (which may be a percentage or another fraction like in 'divide v by 2 thirds')
  • raise v to the square or to a power
  • round or truncate v to n places or to epsilon

My pupils asked to me why their graphic calculator does not include Sofus-like instructions...