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Hello, my name is Yomy and I am the creator and seller of New York Doula. I'm certified Hypnobirthing teacher and a DONA certified doula. I get my inspiration from DONA, ‘Orgasmic Birth‘, Birthing from Within, Spinning Babies and HypnoBirthing.
The energy for this firm came from my own personal birth experience. I thought sometimes at war using the ability to decide for myself what I wanted in a delivery. I think that every woman must be strengthened to make her own choices in birth.

I usually knew that I needed a more natural birth but when I discovered I was pregnant with twins I thought the carpet have been taken from under me.I knew I wanted a holy and calm place but the only possibilities for me included a cold operating room with even cooler fingers holding my babies before me. Via a lot of deliberation, I chose a home delivery (read more about my dual breech homebirth below) with midwives and doulas I trusted. I got the beginning I will truly say I'm someone else due to it and desired for myself and my children.

From my own personal knowledge, I will state that delivery can be a transformative introspective moment or it may be a curse you try to will with your entire might away. I had done so much self-function and meditation in preparation to my start that I simply have positive and soothing thoughts from it.I think that every person should,if she is eager, use this expertise to connect to her inner strength and invite that power to trickle into other areas of her life.

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