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When the West created the first mainframes, Russia was in ruins. Under the military and economic pressure from the capitalist bloc, it solved the hardest task of rebuilding the ruined economy, the fight against post-war hunger, to ensure their own safety. But, despite this, Russia was one of the first to create a universal digital computer. In years passed rapidly create and develop high-tech industry, including and computer manufacturing. Was the beginning of the school and Russian programmers. Our engineers and programmers worked really wonders of science and technology, creating the world's best computers and providing them with stunning, unrivaled software. Soviet scientists, engineers gave the country a number of computers and computer systems of different destination, increasing economic and military potential of the country, developing research capacity and technology, took part in major projects, ensure the creation of the shield of our country.

The history of Russian business of programming is inextricably linked with the history of the domestic computer manufacturing. Russian programmer involved in the creation and maintenance of computers, serving his country. He is a patriot of his country, has always sought to improve its well-being, improve people's lives, enhance military power homeland. Especially Russian programmers have proved to provide computers for military purposes - onboard computers aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles, artillery and anti-aircraft guns, submarines, spacecraft and more. A prime example here can serve as a software orbiter "Buran", which enabled him to make a flight in an unmanned mode. Russian programmers are engaged and creative projects, developing interesting projects and solutions. More information can be found in the appropriate selection of articles.

We are devoted official, killing with almost all the high-tech industry of the country. But even in such abject and hopeless conditions of Russian programmers continue to work for the benefit of Russia. Many of them still remember those times, when the country, which occupies one-sixth of the land, respected Russian, and so create the project in the best traditions of the Soviet school of programmers - focused primarily on the Russian people.