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Uses: (tool name) (Component[s]: Component1, Component2, ComponentN )

This template is intended to handle the case where a {{{1}}} has many components within it (examples of this include CPAN, RubyGems and Tcllib). It has two required parameters: {{uses from|{{{1}}}|component}}. The {{{1}}} is the name of the overall {{{1}}} of components (which should also be the name of a category here on RC) and the component is the name of the component within it (which can be almost any string).


This template is derived from {{tcllib}}, and seeks to have a similar aim, except more generically, and as a potential eventual replacement for {{libheader}} and {{works with}}. (And {{tcllib}}, if it achieves sufficient functionality.)

What it does

  • Associates the page with the {{{1}}}:
    • Semantically, as [[Uses {{{1}}}::{{{2}}}]
    • As part of [[:Category:{{{2}}}]] (though this may eventually change)
    • By linking to [[{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}]].
  • Associates the page with each component specified
    • Semantically, as [[Uses {{{1}}}::{{{2}}}/{{{componentN}}}]] (Placing the component as a subpage of the {{{1}}}
    • By linking to [[{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}/{{{componentN}}}]].

What it needs to do (eventually)

  • Associate {{{1}}} version information with the page.
  • Associate component version information with the page.

What it should do

  • Avoid using MediaWiki categories as possible.

The richer the relationships we can define, the more powerful the search options we'll have available.

This is a template. There are many others. See Category:RCTemplates for a complete list of templates.