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Official Source MAPPER (also more recently known as BIS) was originally a product of the Sperry Corporation and was a mainframe product implemented on the Sperry 1100 systems.

After the merger of Sperry and Burroughs to create the Unisys Corporation, MAPPER was implemented on additional platforms,

and is today available on

  1. Unisys 2200 mainframe
  2. Windows Server
  3. Sun Solaris
  4. Linux

At various times MAPPER has been available on a number of Unix implementations, including IBM AIX, and on the Unisys A-Series mainframes. MAPPER was initially created for the Sperry engineers' internal use. The first commercial customer was the Aitcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company. During the early 90s, Windows MAPPER was given an optional web-enablement layer, called CoolICE (where ICE means Internet Commerce Enabler), today generally just abbreviated to ICE.