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Vote for deletion. This is not really a programming language, more of a macro at best. (All right HQ9+ isn't much of one either but...) The entire purpose of this "language" is to assist spammers, trolls and skript kiddies. I am not much inclined to hand them tools on a platter or encourage them in any way. --Thundergnat (talk) 10:12, 25 September 2019 (UTC)

Although I normally agree with you on this sort of matter, on this occasion I think you're being a bit harsh.
The author of the task has posted a number of respectable contributions to RC in various languages and I'm sure just means this as a bit of fun.
CopyPasta seems no worse to me than any other 'joke' esoteric language (such as HQ9+). Anyone who has reservations about using the clipboard on a shared machine can simply write to a memory buffer instead.
However, there are a number of points about the task which are not particularly clear and it should, of course, just be a draft at this stage. --PureFox (talk) 12:17, 25 September 2019 (UTC)


RC tries to get through any school profanity filters so the 'u' should be changed to a '*' for example, for the purposes of an RC task. --Paddy3118 (talk) 12:57, 25 September 2019 (UTC)

Agreed, even if in reality most programmers swear like troopers - and with good reason :) --PureFox (talk) 13:34, 25 September 2019 (UTC)

So all of this is my fault, eh?

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Rerednaw, the original creator of this thing. I've created this """""language""""" in 2018, as a young teenager who's trying to be "so edgy and stuff"... So yes, if the language contains insults and is based on a very outdated meme, that's the reason why. And that's also why the quine command exists, because "oh quines exist so I should implement one". The purpose of the language was to help copy-pasting, although this was not meant to help spammers or anything like that, because in that case they can just write a short program in Python instead of downloading an interpreter of an esoteric language made by some guy and then learn how to code in it.
So the reason why I'm here is because I see that a lot of people have problems with this task because a lot of things are unclear in the definition of it, and that's mostly my fault because I thought that some of them are evident and weren't needing explanations. I am not the original creator of this task so I have no power to decide what this task should be, but I think I can still help to respond to some questions about the original language. The list of questions below is not exhaustive:
Overwriting when Copy? - No (yeah, I know that the rules were not very precise on this...)
Case sensitivity? - Yes.
Ignore wrong commands? - No (including spaces).
Duplicate n = n+1 times the word? - Yes (e.g. Copy a Duplicate 2 -> aaa).
Error messages? - Not an obligation but you can.
Line break after Copy? - This was one of the many holes I left. Nowadays, line breaks are not added after Copy, and before that, I had no idea.
If you want me to respond to another question, just ask here. I will finish this text by saying that I'm happy that some people find a way to use this thing. Since then, I left the esoteric programming community but I'm now back and I have updated CopyPasta Language to be a more useful language while keeping the same feel.--Rerednaw (talk) 15:50, 1 February 2020 (UTC)