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Tasks and Draft tasks - as of 2022/09/24

3d turtle graphics
4-rings or 4-squares puzzle
9 billion names of God the integer
15 puzzle game
15 puzzle game in 3D
15 puzzle solver
16 puzzle game
21 game
24 game
24 game/Solve
99 bottles of beer
100 doors
100 prisoners
10001th prime
A* search algorithm
Abbreviations, automatic
Abbreviations, easy
Abbreviations, simple
ABC problem
ABC words
Abelian sandpile model
Abelian sandpile model/Identity
Abstract type
Abundant odd numbers
Abundant, deficient and perfect number classifications
Accumulator factory
Achilles numbers
Ackermann function
Active Directory/Connect
Active Directory/Search for a user
Active object
Add a variable to a class instance at runtime
Addition chains
Addition-chain exponentiation
Additive primes
Address of a variable
ADFGVX cipher
Air mass
AKS test for primes
Algebraic data types
Align columns
Aliquot sequence classifications
Almkvist-Giullera formula for pi
Almost prime
Alternade words
Amicable pairs
Anagram generator
Anagrams/Deranged anagrams
Angle difference between two bearings
Angles (geometric), normalization and conversion
Animate a pendulum
Anonymous recursion
Append a record to the end of a text file
Append numbers at same position in strings
Apply a callback to an array
Apply a digital filter (direct form II transposed)
Approximate equality
Arbitrary-precision integers (included)
Archimedean spiral
Arena storage pool
Arithmetic coding/As a generalized change of radix
Arithmetic derivative
Arithmetic evaluation
Arithmetic numbers
Arithmetic-geometric mean
Arithmetic-geometric mean/Calculate Pi
Array concatenation
Array length
Ascending primes
ASCII art diagram converter
Aspect oriented programming
Assertions in design by contract
Associative array/Creation
Associative array/Iteration
Associative array/Merging
Atomic updates
Attractive numbers
Audio alarm
Audio frequency generator
Audio overlap loop
Autogram checker
Average loop length
Averages/Arithmetic mean
Averages/Mean angle
Averages/Mean time of day
Averages/Pythagorean means
Averages/Root mean square
Averages/Simple moving average
AVL tree
Babbage problem
Babylonian spiral
Bacon cipher
Balanced brackets
Balanced ternary
Banker's algorithm
Barnsley fern
Base 16 numbers needing a to f
Base58Check encoding
Base64 decode data
Base64 encode data
Bell numbers
Benford's law
Bernoulli numbers
Best shuffle
Bifid cipher
Bilinear interpolation
Bin given limits
Binary coded decimal
Binary digits
Binary search
Binary strings
Bioinformatics/base count
Bioinformatics/Global alignment
Bioinformatics/Sequence mutation
Birthday problem
Bitcoin/address validation
Bitcoin/public point to address
Bitmap/Bresenham's line algorithm
Bitmap/Bézier curves/Cubic
Bitmap/Bézier curves/Quadratic
Bitmap/Flood fill
Bitmap/Midpoint circle algorithm
Bitmap/PPM conversion through a pipe
Bitmap/Read a PPM file
Bitmap/Read an image through a pipe
Bitmap/Write a PPM file
Bitwise IO
Bitwise operations
Black box
Blackjack strategy
Boolean values
Boustrophedon transform
Box the compass
Boyer-Moore string search
Brace expansion
Brace expansion using ranges
Brazilian numbers
Break OO privacy
Brilliant numbers
Brownian tree
Bulls and cows
Bulls and cows/Player
Burrows–Wheeler transform
Caesar cipher
Calculating the value of e
Calendar - for "REAL" programmers
Calkin-Wilf sequence
Call a foreign-language function
Call a function
Call a function in a shared library
Call an object method
Camel case and snake case
Canny edge detector
Canonicalize CIDR
Cantor set
Card shuffles
Carmichael 3 strong pseudoprimes
Cartesian product of two or more lists
Case-sensitivity of identifiers
Casting out nines
Catalan numbers
Catalan numbers/Pascal's triangle
Catmull–Clark subdivision surface
Change e letters to i in words
Changeable words
Chaos game
Character codes
Chat server
Chebyshev coefficients
Check input device is a terminal
Check Machin-like formulas
Check output device is a terminal
Check that file exists
Checkpoint synchronization
Chemical calculator
Chernick's Carmichael numbers
Cheryl's birthday
Chess player
Chinese remainder theorem
Chinese zodiac
Cholesky decomposition
Chowla numbers
Church numerals
Cipolla's algorithm
Circles of given radius through two points
Circular primes
Cistercian numerals
CLI-based maze-game
Closest-pair problem
Closures/Value capture
Code Golf: Code Golf
Code segment unload
Collect and sort square numbers in ascending order from three lists
Color of a screen pixel
Color quantization
Color wheel
Colorful numbers
Colour bars/Display
Colour pinstripe/Display
Colour pinstripe/Printer
Combinations and permutations
Combinations with repetitions
Combinations with repetitions/Square digit chain
Comma quibbling
Command-line arguments
Commatizing numbers
Common list elements
Common sorted list
Compare a list of strings
Compare length of two strings
Compare sorting algorithms' performance
Compile-time calculation
Compiler/AST interpreter
Compiler/code generator
Compiler/lexical analyzer
Compiler/Simple file inclusion pre processor
Compiler/syntax analyzer
Compiler/Verifying syntax
Compiler/virtual machine interpreter
Composite numbers k with no single digit factors whose factors are all substrings of k
Compound data type
Concatenate two primes is also prime
Concurrent computing
Conditional structures
Conjugate a Latin verb
Conjugate transpose
Consecutive primes with ascending or descending differences
Constrained genericity
Constrained random points on a circle
Continued fraction
Continued fraction/Arithmetic/Construct from rational number
Continued fraction/Arithmetic/G(matrix ng, continued fraction n)
Continued fraction/Arithmetic/G(matrix ng, continued fraction n1, continued fraction n2)
Convert decimal number to rational
Convert seconds to compound duration
Convex hull
Conway's Game of Life
Coprime triplets
Copy a string
Copy stdin to stdout
Count how many vowels and consonants occur in a string
Count in factors
Count in octal
Count occurrences of a substring
Count the coins
Count the coins/0-1
Cousin primes
Cramer's rule
Create a file
Create a file on magnetic tape
Create a two-dimensional array at runtime
Create an executable for a program in an interpreted language
Create an HTML table
Create an object at a given address
Create an object/Native demonstration
Create your own text control codes
Cross compilation
CSV data manipulation
CSV to HTML translation
Cuban primes
Cubic special primes
Cullen and Woodall numbers
Cumulative standard deviation
Curve that touches three points
Curzon numbers
Cut a rectangle
Cycle detection
Cycles of a permutation
Cyclops numbers
Cyclotomic polynomial
Damm algorithm
Data Encryption Standard
Date format
Date manipulation
Dating agency
Day of the week
Day of the week of Christmas and New Year
Days between dates
De Bruijn sequences
Deal cards for FreeCell
Death Star
Deceptive numbers
Decimal floating point number to binary
Decision tables
Define a primitive data type
Delete a file
Deming's funnel
Department numbers
Descending primes
Detect division by zero
Determinant and permanent
Determine if a string has all the same characters
Determine if a string has all unique characters
Determine if a string is collapsible
Determine if a string is numeric
Determine if a string is squeezable
Determine if only one instance is running
Determine if two triangles overlap
Determine sentence type
Dice game probabilities
Digit fifth powers
Digital root
Digital root/Multiplicative digital root
Dijkstra's algorithm
Dinesman's multiple-dwelling problem
Dining philosophers
Diophantine linear system solving
Disarium numbers
Discordian date
Discrete Fourier transform
Display a linear combination
Display an outline as a nested table
Distinct palindromes within decimal numbers
Distinct power numbers
Distributed programming
Distribution of 0 digits in factorial series
Diversity prediction theorem
Divide a rectangle into a number of unequal triangles
DNS query
Doomsday rule
Dot product
Doubly-linked list/Definition
Doubly-linked list/Element definition
Doubly-linked list/Element insertion
Doubly-linked list/Element removal
Doubly-linked list/Traversal
Dragon curve
Draw a clock
Draw a cuboid
Draw a pixel
Draw a rotating cube
Draw a sphere
Draw pixel 2
Duffinian numbers
Dutch national flag problem
Dynamic variable names
Earliest difference between prime gaps
Eban numbers
Echo server
Egyptian division
Egyptian fractions
EKG sequence convergence
Element-wise operations
Elementary cellular automaton
Elementary cellular automaton/Infinite length
Elementary cellular automaton/Random number generator
Elevator simulation
Elliptic curve arithmetic
Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
Emirp primes
Empty directory
Empty program
Empty string
Enforced immutability
Engel expansion
Environment variables
Equal prime and composite sums
Equilibrium index
Erdös-Selfridge categorization of primes
Erdős-Nicolas numbers
Erdős–Woods numbers
Esthetic numbers
Ethiopian multiplication
Euclid-Mullin sequence
Euler method
Euler's constant 0.5772...
Euler's identity
Euler's sum of powers conjecture
Evaluate binomial coefficients
Even or odd
Evolutionary algorithm
Exactly three adjacent 3 in lists
Exceptions/Catch an exception thrown in a nested call
Executable library
Execute a Markov algorithm
Execute a system command
Execute Brain****
Execute Computer/Zero
Execute CopyPasta Language
Execute HQ9+
Execute SNUSP
Exponentiation operator
Exponentiation order
Exponentiation with infix operators in (or operating on) the base
Extend your language
Extensible prime generator
External sort
Extra primes
Extract file extension
Extreme floating point values
Faces from a mesh
Factorial base numbers indexing permutations of a collection
Factorial primes
Factors of a Mersenne number
Factors of an integer
Fairshare between two and more
Farey sequence
Fast Fourier transform
FASTA format
Faulhaber's formula
Faulhaber's triangle
Feigenbaum constant calculation
Fermat numbers
Fermat pseudoprimes
Fibonacci heap
Fibonacci matrix-exponentiation
Fibonacci n-step number sequences
Fibonacci sequence
Fibonacci word
Fibonacci word/fractal
File extension is in extensions list
File input/output
File modification time
File size
File size distribution
Find adjacent primes which differ by a square integer
Find Chess960 starting position identifier
Find common directory path
Find duplicate files
Find first and last set bit of a long integer
Find first missing positive
Find if a point is within a triangle
Find largest left truncatable prime in a given base
Find limit of recursion
Find minimum number of coins that make a given value
Find palindromic numbers in both binary and ternary bases
Find prime n such that reversed n is also prime
Find prime numbers of the form n*n*n+2
Find square difference
Find squares n where n+1 is prime
Find the intersection of a line with a plane
Find the intersection of two lines
Find the last Sunday of each month
Find the missing permutation
Find URI in text
Find words which contain the most consonants
Find words which contains all the vowels
Find words which contains more than 3 e vowels
Find words whose first and last three letters are equal
Find words with alternating vowels and consonants
Finite state machine
First 9 prime Fibonacci number
First class environments
First perfect square in base n with n unique digits
First power of 2 that has leading decimal digits of 12
First-class functions
First-class functions/Use numbers analogously
Five weekends
Fixed length records
Flatten a list
Flipping bits game
Flow-control structures
Floyd's triangle
Floyd-Warshall algorithm
Forest fire
Formal power series
Formatted numeric output
Fortunate numbers
Forward difference
Four bit adder
Four is magic
Four is the number of letters in the ...
Four sides of square
Fractal tree
Fraction reduction
Free polyominoes enumeration
French Republican calendar
Frobenius numbers
Function composition
Function definition
Function frequency
Function prototype
Functional coverage tree
Fusc sequence
Galton box animation
Gamma function
Gapful numbers
Gauss-Jordan matrix inversion
Gaussian elimination
Gaussian primes
General FizzBuzz
Generalised floating point addition
Generalised floating point multiplication
Generate Chess960 starting position
Generate lower case ASCII alphabet
Generate random chess position
Generate random numbers without repeating a value
Generic swap
Geometric algebra
Get system command output
Getting the number of decimals
Giuga numbers
Globally replace text in several files
Go Fish
Goldbach's comet
Gradient descent
Graph colouring
Gray code
Grayscale image
Greatest common divisor
Greatest element of a list
Greatest subsequential sum
Greyscale bars/Display
Guess the number
Guess the number/With feedback
Guess the number/With feedback (player)
GUI component interaction
GUI enabling/disabling of controls
GUI/Maximum window dimensions
Hailstone sequence
Halt and catch fire
Hamming numbers
Handle a signal
Happy numbers
Harmonic series
Harshad or Niven series
Hash from two arrays
Hash join
Haversine formula
Hello world/Graphical
Hello world/Line printer
Hello world/Newbie
Hello world/Newline omission
Hello world/Standard error
Hello world/Text
Hello world/Web server
Here document
Heronian triangles
Hex words
Hickerson series of almost integers
Higher-order functions
Hilbert curve
History variables
Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences
Hofstadter Q sequence
Hofstadter-Conway $10,000 sequence
Holidays related to Easter
Home primes
Honaker primes
Horizontal sundial calculations
Horner's rule for polynomial evaluation
Horse racing
Host introspection
Hough transform
Hourglass puzzle
Huffman coding
Humble numbers
Hunt the Wumpus
I before E except after C
I'm a software engineer, get me out of here
Identity matrix
Idiomatically determine all the characters that can be used for symbols
Idiomatically determine all the lowercase and uppercase letters
Idoneal numbers
Image convolution
Image noise
Imaginary base numbers
Implicit type conversion
Include a file
Increasing gaps between consecutive Niven numbers
Increment a numerical string
Index finite lists of positive integers
Input loop
Input/Output for lines of text
Input/Output for pairs of numbers
Integer comparison
Integer long division
Integer overflow
Integer roots
Integer sequence
Interactive help
Interactive programming (repl)
Intersecting number wheels
Inverted index
Inverted syntax
IPC via named pipe
IRC gateway
ISBN13 check digit
Isograms and heterograms
Isqrt (integer square root) of X
Iterated digits squaring
Jaccard index
Jacobi symbol
Jacobsthal numbers
Jaro similarity
Jaro-Winkler distance
Jensen's Device
Jewels and stones
Josephus problem
Joystick position
Juggler sequence
Julia set
Jump anywhere
Just in time processing on a character stream
K-d tree
K-means++ clustering
Kahan summation
Kaprekar numbers
Kernighans large earthquake problem
Keyboard input/Flush the keyboard buffer
Keyboard input/Keypress check
Keyboard input/Obtain a Y or N response
Keyboard macros
Klarner-Rado sequence
Knapsack problem/0-1
Knapsack problem/Bounded
Knapsack problem/Continuous
Knapsack problem/Unbounded
Knight's tour
Knuth shuffle
Knuth's algorithm S
Knuth's power tree
Knuth-Morris-Pratt string search
Koch curve
Kolakoski sequence
Kronecker product
Kronecker product based fractals
Lah numbers
Langton's ant
Largest difference between adjacent primes
Largest five adjacent number
Largest int from concatenated ints
Largest number divisible by its digits
Largest palindrome product
Largest prime factor
Largest product in a grid
Largest proper divisor of n
Last Friday of each month
Last letter-first letter
Last list item
Latin Squares in reduced form
Latin Squares in reduced form/Randomizing using Jacobson and Matthews’ Technique
Launch rocket with countdown and acceleration in stdout
Law of cosines - triples
Leap year
Least common multiple
Left factorials
Legendre prime counting function
Length of an arc between two angles
Leonardo numbers
Letter frequency
Levenshtein distance
Levenshtein distance/Alignment
Line circle intersection
Linear congruential generator
Linux CPU utilization
List comprehensions
List rooted trees
Literals/Floating point
Logical operations
Logistic curve fitting in epidemiology
Long literals, with continuations
Long multiplication
Long primes
Long stairs
Long year
Longest common prefix
Longest common subsequence
Longest common substring
Longest common suffix
Longest increasing subsequence
Longest palindromic substrings
Longest string challenge
Longest substrings without repeating characters
Look-and-say sequence
Loop over multiple arrays simultaneously
Loops/Downward for
Loops/For with a specified step
Loops/Increment loop index within loop body
Loops/N plus one half
Loops/With multiple ranges
Loops/Wrong ranges
LU decomposition
Lucas-Lehmer test
Lucky and even lucky numbers
Ludic numbers
Luhn test of credit card numbers
Lychrel numbers
LZW compression
MAC vendor lookup
Machine code
Mad Libs
Magic 8-ball
Magic constant
Magic squares of doubly even order
Magic squares of odd order
Magic squares of singly even order
Magnanimous numbers
Main step of GOST 28147-89
Make a backup file
Make directory path
Man or boy test
Mandelbrot set
Map range
Marching squares
Markov chain text generator
Matrix chain multiplication
Matrix digital rain
Matrix multiplication
Matrix transposition
Matrix with two diagonals
Matrix-exponentiation operator
Maximum difference between adjacent elements of list
Maximum triangle path sum
Mayan calendar
Mayan numerals
Maze generation
Maze solving
McNuggets problem
Median filter
Memory allocation
Memory layout of a data structure
Merge and aggregate datasets
Mersenne primes
Mertens function
Metallic ratios
Metered concurrency
Mian-Chowla sequence
Middle three digits
Miller–Rabin primality test
Mind boggling card trick
Minesweeper game
Minimal steps down to 1
Minimum multiple of m where digital sum equals m
Minimum number of cells after, before, above and below NxN squares
Minimum numbers of three lists
Minimum positive multiple in base 10 using only 0 and 1
Minimum primes
Minkowski question-mark function
Modified random distribution
Modular arithmetic
Modular exponentiation
Modular inverse
Monads/List monad
Monads/Maybe monad
Monads/Writer monad
Monte Carlo methods
Montgomery reduction
Monty Hall problem
Morpion solitaire
Morse code
Mosaic matrix
Most frequent k chars distance
Motzkin numbers
Mouse position
Move-to-front algorithm
Multi-base primes
Multi-dimensional array
Multidimensional Newton-Raphson method
Multiline shebang
Multiple distinct objects
Multiple regression
Multiplication tables
Multiplicative order
Munchausen numbers
Munching squares
Musical scale
Mutual recursion
Möbius function
N-body problem
N-queens minimum and knights and bishops
N-queens problem
N-smooth numbers
Named parameters
Names to numbers
Naming conventions
Narcissistic decimal number
Native shebang
Natural sorting
Nautical bell
Negative base numbers
Neighbour primes
Nested function
Nested templated data
Next highest int from digits
Next special primes
Nice primes
Nim game
Nimber arithmetic
Non-continuous subsequences
Non-decimal radices/Convert
Non-decimal radices/Input
Non-decimal radices/Output
Non-transitive dice
Nonogram solver
Nth root
Null object
Number names
Number reversal game
Number triplets game
Numbers divisible by their individual digits, but not by the product of their digits.
Numbers in base 10 that are palindromic in bases 2, 4, and 16
Numbers in base-16 representation that cannot be written with decimal digits
Numbers which are not the sum of distinct squares
Numbers which binary and ternary digit sum are prime
Numbers whose count of divisors is prime
Numbers with equal rises and falls
Numbers with prime digits whose sum is 13
Numbers with same digit set in base 10 and base 16
Numeric error propagation
Numeric separator syntax
Numerical and alphabetical suffixes
Numerical integration
Numerical integration/Adaptive Simpson's method
Numerical integration/Gauss-Legendre Quadrature
Object serialization
Odd and square numbers
Odd squarefree semiprimes
Odd word problem
Odd words
Old lady swallowed a fly
Old Russian measure of length
OLE automation
One of n lines in a file
One-dimensional cellular automata
One-time pad
OpenGL pixel shader
OpenGL/Utah teapot
OpenWebNet password
Operator precedence
Optional parameters
Orbital elements
Order by pair comparisons
Order disjoint list items
Order two numerical lists
Ordered partitions
Ordered words
Overloaded operators
Own digits power sum
P-Adic numbers, basic
P-Adic square roots
P-value correction
Padovan n-step number sequences
Padovan sequence
Pairs with common factors
Palindrome dates
Palindrome detection
Palindromic gapful numbers
Palindromic primes
Palindromic primes in base 16
Pan base non-primes
Pancake numbers
Pandigital prime
Pangram checker
Parallel brute force
Parallel calculations
Parameterized SQL statement
Parametric polymorphism
Parse an IP Address
Parse command-line arguments
Parse EBNF
Parsing/RPN calculator algorithm
Parsing/RPN to infix conversion
Parsing/Shunting-yard algorithm
Partial function application
Particle fountain
Particle swarm optimization
Partition an integer x into n primes
Partition function P
Pascal matrix generation
Pascal's triangle
Pascal's triangle/Puzzle
Password generator
Pathological floating point problems
Peaceful chess queen armies
Peano curve
Pell numbers
Pell's equation
Penney's game
Penrose tiling
Penta-power prime seeds
Pentomino tiling
Percentage difference between images
Percolation/Bond percolation
Percolation/Mean cluster density
Percolation/Mean run density
Percolation/Site percolation
Perfect numbers
Perfect shuffle
Perfect totient numbers
Periodic table
Peripheral drift illusion
Perlin noise
Permutation test
Permutations by swapping
Permutations with repetitions
Permutations with some identical elements
Permutations/Rank of a permutation
Permuted multiples
Pernicious numbers
Phrase reversals
Pick random element
Pierpont primes
Pig the dice game
Pig the dice game/Player
Pisano period
Plasma effect
Play recorded sounds
Playfair cipher
Playing cards
Plot coordinate pairs
Pointers and references
Poker hand analyser
Polymorphic copy
Polynomial derivative
Polynomial long division
Polynomial regression
Polynomial synthetic division
Population count
Positive decimal integers with the digit 1 occurring exactly twice
Power set
Powerful numbers
Practical numbers
Pragmatic directives
Price fraction
Price list behind API
Primality by trial division
Primality by Wilson's theorem
Prime conspiracy
Prime decomposition
Prime numbers p for which the sum of primes less than or equal to p is prime
Prime numbers which contain 123
Prime triangle
Prime triplets
Prime words
Primes - allocate descendants to their ancestors
Primes which contain only one odd digit
Primes whose first and last number is 3
Primes whose sum of digits is 25
Primes with digits in nondecreasing order
Primorial numbers
Print debugging statement
Print itself
Priority queue
Probabilistic choice
Problem of Apollonius
Process SMIL directives in XML data
Product of divisors
Program name
Program termination
Proper divisors
Pseudo-random numbers/Combined recursive generator MRG32k3a
Pseudo-random numbers/Middle-square method
Pseudo-random numbers/PCG32
Pseudo-random numbers/Splitmix64
Pseudo-random numbers/Xorshift star
Pseudorandom number generator image
Pythagoras tree
Pythagorean quadruples
Pythagorean triples
QR decomposition
Quad-power prime seeds
Quadrat special primes
Quaternion type
Quickselect algorithm
Quoting constructs
Railway circuit
Ramanujan primes
Ramanujan primes/twins
Ramanujan's constant
Ramer-Douglas-Peucker line simplification
Ramsey's theorem
Random Latin squares
Random number generator (device)
Random number generator (included)
Random numbers
Random sentence from book
Range consolidation
Range expansion
Range extraction
Range modifications
Ranking methods
Rare numbers
Raster bars
Rate counter
Ray-casting algorithm
Read a configuration file
Read a file character by character/UTF8
Read a file line by line
Read a specific line from a file
Read entire file
Readline interface
Real constants and functions
Recaman's sequence
Record sound
Recursive descent parser generator
Red black tree sort
Reduced row echelon form
Reflection/Get source
Reflection/List methods
Reflection/List properties
Regular expressions
Remote agent/Agent interface
Remote agent/Agent logic
Remote agent/Simulation
Remove duplicate elements
Remove lines from a file
Remove vowels from a string
Rename a file
Repeat a string
Repunit primes
Resistance calculator
Resistance network calculator
Resistor mesh
Respond to an unknown method call
Retrieve and search chat history
Return multiple values
Reverse a string
Reverse the gender of a string
Reverse the order of lines in a text file while preserving the contents of each line
Reverse words in a string
Rhonda numbers
Riordan numbers
Rodrigues’ rotation formula
Roman numerals/Decode
Roman numerals/Encode
Roots of a function
Roots of a quadratic function
Roots of unity
Rosetta Code/Count examples
Rosetta Code/Find bare lang tags
Rosetta Code/Find unimplemented tasks
Rosetta Code/Fix code tags
Rosetta Code/List authors of task descriptions
Rosetta Code/Rank languages by number of users
Rosetta Code/Rank languages by popularity
Rosetta Code/Run examples
Rosetta Code/Tasks without examples
Round-robin tournament schedule
RPG attributes generator
RSA code
Run as a daemon or service
Run-length encoding
Runge-Kutta method
Runtime evaluation
Runtime evaluation/In an environment
Ruth-Aaron numbers
Safe addition
Safe and Sophie Germain primes
Safe mode
Safe primes and unsafe primes
Sailors, coconuts and a monkey problem
Same fringe
Sanitize user input
Sattolo cycle
Scope modifiers
Scope/Function names and labels
Search a list
Search a list of records
Search in paragraph's text
Secure temporary file
Segmentation fault protection
Selective file copy
Selectively replace multiple instances of a character within a string
Self numbers
Self-describing numbers
Self-hosting compiler
Send an unknown method call
Send email
Separate the house number from the street name
Sequence of non-squares
Sequence of primes by trial division
Sequence of primorial primes
Sequence: nth number with exactly n divisors
Sequence: smallest number greater than previous term with exactly n divisors
Sequence: smallest number with exactly n divisors
Set consolidation
Set of real numbers
Set puzzle
Set right-adjacent bits
Seven-sided dice from five-sided dice
Sexy primes
SHA-256 Merkle tree
Shell one-liner
Shift list elements to left by 3
Shoelace formula for polygonal area
Short-circuit evaluation
Shortest common supersequence
Show ASCII table
Show the (decimal) value of a number of 1s appended with a 3, then squared
Show the epoch
Sierpinski arrowhead curve
Sierpinski carpet
Sierpinski curve
Sierpinski pentagon
Sierpinski square curve
Sierpinski triangle
Sierpinski triangle/Graphical
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Sieve of Pritchard
Simple database
Simple turtle graphics
Simple windowed application
Simulate input/Keyboard
Simulate input/Mouse
Simulated annealing
Sine wave
Singly-linked list/Element definition
Singly-linked list/Element insertion
Singly-linked list/Element removal
Singly-linked list/Traversal
Sleeping Beauty problem
Smallest enclosing circle problem
Smallest multiple
Smallest number k such that k+2^m is composite for all m less than k
Smallest numbers
Smallest power of 6 whose decimal expansion contains n
Smallest square that begins with n
Smarandache prime-digital sequence
Smith numbers
Snake and ladder
Soloway's recurring rainfall
Solve a Hidato puzzle
Solve a Holy Knight's tour
Solve a Hopido puzzle
Solve a Numbrix puzzle
Solve a Rubik's cube
Solve equations with substitution method
Solve hanging lantern problem
Solve the no connection puzzle
Solve triangle solitare puzzle
Solving coin problems
Sorensen–Dice coefficient
Sort a list of object identifiers
Sort an array of composite structures
Sort an integer array
Sort an outline at every level
Sort disjoint sublist
Sort numbers lexicographically
Sort primes from list to a list
Sort stability
Sort the letters of string in alphabetical order
Sort three variables
Sort using a custom comparator
Sorting algorithms/Bead sort
Sorting algorithms/Bogosort
Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort
Sorting Algorithms/Circle Sort
Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort
Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort with shifting bounds
Sorting algorithms/Comb sort
Sorting algorithms/Counting sort
Sorting algorithms/Cycle sort
Sorting algorithms/Gnome sort
Sorting algorithms/Heapsort
Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort
Sorting algorithms/Merge sort
Sorting algorithms/Pancake sort
Sorting algorithms/Patience sort
Sorting algorithms/Permutation sort
Sorting algorithms/Quicksort
Sorting algorithms/Radix sort
Sorting algorithms/Selection sort
Sorting algorithms/Shell sort
Sorting algorithms/Sleep sort
Sorting algorithms/Stooge sort
Sorting algorithms/Strand sort
Sorting algorithms/Tree sort on a linked list
Sparkline in unicode
Special characters
Special divisors
Special factorials
Special neighbor primes
Special pythagorean triplet
Special variables
Speech synthesis
Spelling of ordinal numbers
Spinning rod animation/Text
Spiral matrix
Split a character string based on change of character
Spoof game
SQL-based authentication
Square but not cube
Square form factorization
Square root by hand
Square-free integers
Stable marriage problem
Stack traces
Stair-climbing puzzle
Start from a main routine
Starting a web browser
State name puzzle
Statistics/Normal distribution
Steady squares
Stem-and-leaf plot
Stern-Brocot sequence
Stirling numbers of the first kind
Stirling numbers of the second kind
Straddling checkerboard
Strange numbers
Strange plus numbers
Strange unique prime triplets
Strassen's algorithm
Stream merge
String append
String case
String comparison
String concatenation
String interpolation (included)
String length
String matching
String prepend
Strip a set of characters from a string
Strip block comments
Strip comments from a string
Strip control codes and extended characters from a string
Strip whitespace from a string/Top and tail
Strong and weak primes
Sub-unit squares
Subset sum problem
Substitution cipher
Substring primes
Substring/Top and tail
Subtractive generator
Successive prime differences
Sudan function
Suffix tree
Suffixation of decimal numbers
Sum and product of an array
Sum and product puzzle
Sum data type
Sum digits of an integer
Sum multiples of 3 and 5
Sum of a series
Sum of divisors
Sum of elements below main diagonal of matrix
Sum of first n cubes
Sum of primes in odd positions is prime
Sum of square and cube digits of an integer are primes
Sum of squares
Sum of the digits of n is substring of n
Sum of two adjacent numbers are primes
Sum to 100
Summarize and say sequence
Summarize primes
Summation of primes
Sunflower fractal
Super-d numbers
Super-Poulet numbers
Superpermutation minimisation
Sutherland-Hodgman polygon clipping
Sylvester's sequence
Symmetric difference
Synchronous concurrency
System time
Table creation
Table creation/Postal addresses
Take notes on the command line
Tamagotchi emulator
Tau function
Tau number
Taxicab numbers
Teacup rim text
Temperature conversion
Terminal control/Clear the screen
Terminal control/Coloured text
Terminal control/Cursor movement
Terminal control/Cursor positioning
Terminal control/Dimensions
Terminal control/Display an extended character
Terminal control/Hiding the cursor
Terminal control/Inverse video
Terminal control/Positional read
Terminal control/Preserve screen
Terminal control/Restricted width positional input/No wrapping
Terminal control/Restricted width positional input/With wrapping
Terminal control/Ringing the terminal bell
Terminal control/Unicode output
Ternary logic
Test a function
Test integerness
Text between
Text completion
Text processing/1
Text processing/2
Text processing/Max licenses in use
Text to HTML
The ISAAC cipher
The Name Game
The sieve of Sundaram
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Thiele's interpolation formula
Three word location
Time a function
Time-based one-time password algorithm
Tokenize a string
Tokenize a string with escaping
Tonelli-Shanks algorithm
Top rank per group
Topic variable
Topological sort
Topological sort/Extracted top item
Total circles area
Totient function
Towers of Hanoi
Trabb Pardo–Knuth algorithm
Transliterate English text using the Greek alphabet
Transportation problem
Tree datastructures
Tree from nesting levels
Tree traversal
Trigonometric functions
Triplet of three numbers
Tropical algebra overloading
Truncatable primes
Truncate a file
Truth table
Twelve statements
Twin primes
Two bullet roulette
Two identical strings
Two sum
Two's complement
Type detection
Ukkonen’s suffix tree construction
Ulam numbers
Ulam spiral (for primes)
Ultra useful primes
Unbias a random generator
Undefined values
Unicode polynomial equation
Unicode strings
Unicode variable names
Unique characters
Unique characters in each string
Unit testing
Universal Turing machine
Uno (card game)
Unprimeable numbers
Untouchable numbers
Untrusted environment
Update a configuration file
URL decoding
URL encoding
URL parser
URL shortener
Use another language to call a function
Useless instructions
User defined pipe and redirection operators
User input/Graphical
User input/Text
Using a speech engine to highlight words
UTF-8 encode and decode
Validate International Securities Identification Number
Vampire number
Van der Corput sequence
Van Eck sequence
Variable declaration reset
Variable size/Get
Variable size/Set
Variable-length quantity
Variadic function
Vector products
Verhoeff algorithm
Verify distribution uniformity/Chi-squared test
Verify distribution uniformity/Naive
Vibrating rectangles
Video display modes
Vigenère cipher
Vigenère cipher/Cryptanalysis
Visualize a tree
Vogel's approximation method
Voronoi diagram
Wagstaff primes
Walk a directory/Non-recursively
Walk a directory/Recursively
War card game
Wasteful, equidigital and frugal numbers
Water collected between towers
Wave function collapse
Waveform analysis/Doh ray me
Waveform analysis/Top and tail
Weather routing
Web scraping
WebGL rotating F
Weird numbers
Welch's t-test
Wieferich primes
WiktionaryDumps to words
Wilson primes of order n
Window creation
Window creation/X11
Window management
Word break problem
Word frequency
Word ladder
Word search
Word wheel
Word wrap
Wordle comparison
Words containing "the" substring
Words from neighbour ones
World Cup group stage
Worthwhile task shaving
Write entire file
Write float arrays to a text file
Write language name in 3D ASCII
Write to Windows event log
Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm
XML validation
XML/DOM serialization
XXXX redacted
Y combinator
Yahoo! search interface
Yellowstone sequence
Yin and yang
Zebra puzzle
Zeckendorf arithmetic
Zeckendorf number representation
Zero to the zero power
Zhang-Suen thinning algorithm
Zig-zag matrix
Zsigmondy numbers
Zumkeller numbers