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29 December 2022

28 December 2022

  • curprev 00:5000:50, 28 December 2022Thundergnat talk contribsm 1,437 bytes +348 Meta perhaps?
  • curprev 00:2600:26, 28 December 2022Jazzedpineda talk contribs 1,089 bytes +1,089 Created page with "{{Vptopic |topic=Change the Reports namespace |summary=A mandatory change because Miraheze's Reports namespace overrides the Reports namespace of any Miraheze wiki. }} When Rosetta Code moved to Miraheze, many problems have occurred, including this one. Rosetta Code's Reports namespace was overridden by Miraheze's Reports namespace. Rosetta Code has a 'Reports' namespace where 'Tasks not implemented' pages can be put. By the time Rosetta Code migrated to Miraheze, Mirah..."