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Add details of Operating Systems written in a particular language.

Most importantly link to the location of the source code to this operating system and it's home page. Otherwise link to it's wikipedia page. (It is assumed that squeezing an real Operating System into one RosettaCode.org page is (possibly) impossible.)

Ideally greater than 90% of the Operating System is written in the particular language. If the percentage less than 90% then include an estimate the various languages code lines as a percentage.


Open Source

  • Cambridge CAP computer - source- All procedures constituting the operating system were written in ALGOL 68C, although a number of other closely associated protected procedures - such as a paginator - are written in BCPL.

Closed Source

  • Flex machine - The hardware was custom and microprogrammable, with an operating system, (modular) compiler, editor, garbage collector and filing system all written in Algol-68.
  • ICL VME - S3 was the implementation language of the operating system VME. S3 was based on ALGOL 68 but with data types and operators aligned to those offered by the ICL 2900 Series.

Note: The Soviet Era computers Эльбрус-1 (Elbrus-1) and Эльбрус-2 were created using high-level language uЭль-76 (AL-76), rather than the traditional assembly. uЭль-76 resembles Algol-68, The main difference is the dynamic binding types in uЭль-76 supported at the hardware level. uЭль-76 is used for application, job control, system programming[1].


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