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On Task Clarity

The following excerpt was pulled from the guidelines on adding a task.

A programming task needs to have a set of criteria, or things that subsequent programming examples need to accomplish. One example might be, Display the string "Goodbye World!" Another example might be Read the contents of one file, and place it in a new file.
The criteria you set should not be so tight as to be language-specific. After all, that defeats the founding point of Rosetta Code. However, the criteria should not be so vague as to have multiple interpretations. Removing code from the wiki would be the tragic result. Situations where the appropriateness of a programming example hinges on the interpretation of the tasks' criteria should be avoided as much as possible.
Also, keep in mind that it will be very difficult to change the criteria once a few programming examples have been supplied. For every change, the code examples need to be reviewed to ensure they still satisfy the criteria. That's time consuming and difficult to do, as not everyone will have access to all the tools used to create and test the original examples.