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The following sites allow execution of some languages from a web browser.

Site Languages Notes
Easylang EasyLang IDE, Tutorials
Exercism 70 languages, can browse hundreds of solutions to each exercise. Pre-specified exercises only Fōrmulæ Scripts can be saved/loaded to/from local files
Gambas Playground Gambas CLI only
The Go Play Space Go Playground with Doc-Ref, Turtle- & Nightmode
The Go Playground Go The official Golang playground
Groovy Playground Groovy Load save via Github/Gist
Groovy web console Groovy Save and share. Runs on Google Cloud (GAE)
Ideone Bash, C, C++, Go, Haskell, Java, Pascal, Rust, ... ... and many more Basic, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, ... ... and many more
ScalaFiddle Scala.JS, a transpiler that translates your Scala code into highly performant and optimised JavaScript.
Scastie Scastie is an interactive playground for Scala running on a JVM. Only supports static input
TIO: Try It Online More than 500 languages Only supports static input - no interactivity