Help:ENA Templates

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We here at RC have a lot of templates that essentially mean that an example needs attention (ENA). Hopefully this table can help sort things out for inexperienced (or even hardened) users. Usage instructions should be on the template pages for each individual template. Many work with or without arguments.

Template What it means Adds page to ENA cat?
Template:Broken This example is seriously broken. It does not even run/compile. Yes
Template:Confusing This example is very hard to understand even though it seems to meet all task requirements. Yes
Template:Eff note This example shows a way of doing things that matches an algorithmic requirement, rather than the idioms of this language. It is probably not as efficient because it does not follow the language's patterns. No
Template:Field attention This example needs to be looked at by someone who knows more about the academic field it deals with. Yes
Template:Improve This example meets the task requirements, but can probably be done better while still doing so. Yes
Template:In progress This example is a work in progress. Don't worry that it doesn't quite work yet. Yes
Template:Incomplete This example seems to have skipped some of the task requirements. Yes
Template:Incorrect This example attempts to meet all task requirements, but does not meet at least one of them. Yes
Template:Lines too long The lines of code in this example are too long and should be broken if possible. Yes
Template:Needs-review The task was recently changed and this example needs to be checked to make sure it still meets requirements. Yes
Template:Novice example This example was created by someone who thinks they don't quite know how to do it the best way. Yes
Template:Output? This example looks to meet all task requirements except that it doesn't show the required output. Yes
Template:Untested This example was not tested. It may not work. Yes
Template:Wont work with This example does not work with library/OS/implementation/language X version Y. No
Template:Works with This example has been shown to work with library/OS/implementation/language X version Y. No