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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Execution method: Compiled (bytecode)
Garbage collected: Yes
Type checking: Dynamic
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elastiC is a portable high-level object-oriented interpreted language with a C-like syntax. Its main characteristics are:

  • Open Source, freely available, even for commercial purposes.
  • Interpreted.
  • Portable bytecode compilation.
  • Familiar C-like syntax.
  • Dynamic typing.
  • Automatic real, very fast, Garbage Collection.
  • Object Oriented with meta-programming support (a la Smalltalk).
  • Functional programming support (Scheme like closures with lexical scoping, and eval-like functionality).
  • Hierarchical Namespaces.
  • Rich set of useful built-in types (dynamic arrays, dictionaries, symbols, ...).
  • Extensibile with C (you can add functions, types, classes, methods, packages, ...).
  • Embeddable in C.
  • Small footprint, making it ideal also in embedded systems.

elastiC has been strongly influenced by C, Smalltalk, Scheme and Python and tries to merge the best characteristics of all these languages, while still coherently maintaining its unique personality.


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