Decimal BASIC

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Decimal BASIC is an implementation of BASIC. Other implementations of BASIC.
Decimal BASIC is an implementation of ANSI BASIC. Other implementations of ANSI BASIC.

Decimal BASIC is an internationally recognized, multi-platform programming language based on the ISO Full BASIC (ANSI BASIC) standard. It provides individuals with a comprehensive programming environment to create programs for personal investigation. The language processing system was developed to conform to the ISO Full BASIC standard, and is designed to emulate the graphics module of said standard. Although there are slight differences in behavior, Decimal BASIC fully supports the graphics syntax of ISO Full BASIC. Decimal BASIC is a programming platform that caters to programmers of all levels, from novices to experts. Moreover, its portable nature facilitates working on projects seamlessly while on the move.

Decimal BASIC incorporates the principal and graphics modules of the ISO Full BASIC, as well as a large portion of the individual character input modules. Additionally, Decimal BASIC boasts unique advancements such as the complex number and rational number modes. This software adheres to the ANSI/ISO Full BASIC syntax since it provides adequate tools for those unfamiliar with computer jargon while also ensuring readability to enable programmers to convey algorithms to others.

In addition, Decimal BASIC is a portable software application that can function as a comprehensive programming environment for the BASIC programming language. It includes a built-in editor and debugger. This complimentary tool can operate independently from a USB flash drive on almost all iterations of Microsoft Windows.

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