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Incorrect use of [[Category:Scala Implementations]]

Rosetta Code uses the "Implementations" categories to list pages that cover different implementations of the language, not to list examples implemented in a language (which is already taken care just by using the {{header|Lang}} template. See for example Category:C Implementations.

Also, most categorizations on this wiki are done via templates, not by direct inclusion of [[Category:…]] markup (e.g. {{implementation|Scala}} and {{improve|Scala|reason}}, not [[Category:Scala Implementations]] or [[Category:Scala examples needing attention]]).

All the pages currently listed in this category are incorrectly using [[Category:Scala Implementations]] and should be fixed. More importantly, new misuses of this category should not be added. —Dchapes (talk) 16:19, 1 September 2014 (UTC)