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If you're going to create tasks on Rosetta Code to show off your language, do take the time to implement the task fully. And please have a go at the generic tasks too. —Dkf 12:48, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Which task are you referring to specifically? I have expanded upon the task Window_management. About 40 generic tasks have been implemented in AutoHotkey, about 20 of which I did myself. My goals are much more humble than "showing off." I just feel AutoHotkey is underrepresented in the mainstream programming world, considering the number of people that actually use it. The tasks I have added were partially in response to a request ("I’d like to see a bit of a shift away from theoretical tasks to practical tasks, ")by the creator of rosettacode here: --tinku99
It's nice to have a mix of theoretical and practical. The ones to avoid are the ones where it is virtually impossible to do them in more than one language. —Donal Fellows 15:18, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

AutoHotKey_L is now the active development branch

On September 25, 2009 AutoHotkey Basic stopped development with the exit of its creator, Chris Mallet. Forum member Lexikos has taken over the development process, renaming the language AutoHotkey_L.

AutoHotkey_L is a custom build of AutoHotkey maintained by Lexikos. Features include:

   Objects (extensible associative arrays).
   Interactive debugging features, when used with a compatible debugging client.
   Significant functionality developed by other community members:
       Native 64-bit support by fincs.
       Native COM support by Sean.
       Native Unicode support by jackieku.
       Support for various text encodings.
       New DllCall arg types for portability.
       Object-oriented file I/O.
   #if expression - Similar to #IfWinActive, but for arbitrary expressions.

Should a new language entry be created for AutoHotkey_L or should updated code simply replace the code posted for AutoHotkey Basic?