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YAMLScript is an implementation of Lisp. Other implementations of Lisp.

YAMLScript is a new programming language that uses YAML as its syntax. It is a complete, functional, general purpose language, but can also be easily embedded in YAML files to make them dynamic at load time. Most existing YAML files and all JSON files are already valid YAMLScript programs. YAMLScript has a compiler/interpreter CLI program called ys and is also available in several programming languages as a binding module to the shared library:

Installing YAMLScript

Run this command to install the ys command line YAMLScript runner/loader/compiler program.

 curl -sSL | bash

That will install $HOME/.local/bin/ys. If $HOME/.local/bin is not in your PATH, run:

 export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH

Test the new installation:

 $ ys --help
 ys - The YAMLScript (YS) Command Line Tool

 Usage: ys [options] [file]

   -r, --run                Compile and evaluate a YAMLScript file (default)
   -l, --load               Output the evaluated YAMLScript value
   -e, --eval YSEXPR        Evaluate a YAMLScript expression

See for more information.

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