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Simple Components for Ada is a component library for Ada. The library provides:

  • containers (sets, maps, stacks, tables, unbounded arrays, doubly-linked lists and webs);
  • storage pools;
  • smart pointers;
  • persistence layer (based on ODBC or user-provided storage);
  • string editing facilities;
  • UTF-8 support;
  • expression analyzers;
  • lock-free data structures (FIFOs and blackboards);
  • synchronization primitives (events, race condition free pulse events, arrays of events, reentrant mutexes, deadlock-free arrays of mutexes);
  • pseudo-random non-repeating numbers, symmetric encoding and decoding;
  • Portable IEEE 754 representations support.

The library is portable, distributed under GM GPL, and compatible with Ada 95 and Ada 2005. The library can be downloaded at its home page

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