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Ozsqlite is an implementation of SQL. Other implementations of SQL.

OzSqlite is an Oz interface to

Library: SQLite

, a lightweight embeddable sql database engine. It comes with its own version of SQLite.


Download and unpack with

ozmake --extract package=mogul:/elansary/ozsqlite

On Unix-like systems, follow the instructions in README.txt

On Windows with cygwin, in order to make it compatible with the current cygwin version:

cd libsqlite

Edit "Makefile" as indicated in the file itself.

Insert in sqlite.h before line 16:

#include "os.h"

Insert in os.h before line 134:

#define	_OFF_T_

Insert in parse.c before line 6:

#include "os.h"

Then build it:


ozmake --build -L ./libsqlite
ozmake --install

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