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MAPPER Commands


  • @ADD
    Add two reports or results together and produce a result.
  • @ADR
    Add a permanent report
  • @ART
    Arithmetic function
  • @AUX
    Auxiliary device access (e.g. printers)


  • @BFN
    Binary find
  • @BLT
    Build label table
  • @BR
    Background run
  • @BRG
    Break graphics area
  • @BRK
    Break output area
  • @BTN
    Button (GUI window)


  • @CAB
    Cabinet Switch
  • @CAH
    Cache Report
  • @CAL
  • @CALL
    Call Subroutine
  • @CAU
    Calculate Update
  • @CAR
    Clear Abort Routine
  • @CBX
    Define Combo Box
  • @CCC
    COM Component Client Create
  • @CCG
    COM Client Get attribute
  • @CCI
    COM Client Invoke
  • @CCP
    COM Component Put attribute
  • @CCR
    COM Component Release
  • @CER
    Clear Error Routine
  • @CHD
    Command Handler
  • @CHG
    Change - set, amend and capture variables
  • @CLK
    Clear Link
  • @CLS
    Close Control (GUI)
  • @CLT
    Clear Label Table
  • @CLV
    Clear Variables
  • @CMP
    Compare reports
  • @CMU
    Commit Updates
  • @CNT
  • @CSR
    Clear Subroutine


  • @DAT
    Date processing
  • @DC
    Date Calculator
  • @DCPY
    Distributed Copy
  • @DCR
    Decode Report
  • @DCRE
    Distributed Create
  • @DCU
    Decommit Updates (rollback)
  • @DDE
    Dynamic Data Exchange interface
  • @DDI
    Data Definition Information (relational)
  • @DEC
    Decrement variable
  • @DEF
    Define (variable information)
  • @DEL
    Delete update lines from report
  • @DEV
    Device information
  • @DFC
    Default colour setting
  • @DFU
    Defer update lock
  • @DIAG
    Diagnostic report
  • @DIR
    Data Directory info
  • @DLR
    Delete report
  • @DPUR
    Distributed delete ("purge")
  • @DRW
    Drawer information
  • @DSF
    Display Form
  • @DSG
    Display Graphics
  • @DSM
    Display Message
  • @DSP
    Display Report
  • @DSX
    Display report and exit
  • @DUP
    Duplicate report
  • @DVS
    Define Variable Size (from report)

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