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EuGTK is a complete and up-to-date Euphoria GTK3 wrapper for Linux, Windows, and OS-X. Euphoria 4.1b2 is required.

All GTK3 widgets are wrapped, and up-to-date with the latest version of GTK3 - currently 3.24.5 on Windows, 3.22.30 on Mint (Aug 1, 2019). GTK is also one of the few GUI packages that is under continuous development and updating.

Euphoria/GTK code is much simpler and easier to understand than similar libraries for other programming languages. There's no need to manually size and position interface objects, and objects can be referred to by 'handle' or by name, whichever makes your code clearer. Dot notation for properties can be used: set("MainWindow.title","Hello") for example.

EuGTK uses a pseudo object oriented approach. Objects have properties which you can 'set' or 'get', by property name. Many difficult or complex GTK3 functions (such as creating and using a GtkListView) have easier-to-use alternatives implemented in Euphoria.

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