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Batari Basic
This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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If you know Batari Basic, please write code for some of the tasks not implemented in Batari Basic.
Batari Basic is an implementation of BASIC. Other implementations of BASIC.

batari Basic is a BASIC dialect used to program the Atari 2600. Batari BASIC was launched in 2005 by Fred X. Quimby. Unlike BASIC Programming, an official BASIC interpreter for the Atari 2600, with which the code is interpreted, the code is compiled, thus allowing for code to run faster, and allowing programs to made into a cartridge that will play on real hardware. In addition, as the syntax is simpler, it is easier to write a game in a shorter amount of time than with assembly language.


In July 2005, batari Basic was launched by Fred X. Quimby, with the goal to create a simplified programming language to make it easier to learn programming for the Atari 2600, before later moving on to assembly language. These goals have since expanded. For instance, one of batari Basic's goals is to attract more developers to the Atari 2600 homebrew scene, due to it being relatively easy to program in, and the difficult nature of programming in assembly language, which was the only option available before batari Basic.

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