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360 Assembly Structured Macros

There is a long history of IBM Assembler 370 Structured Macros. An early very well known version is found in JES328X product. Now there as part of SPM (Structured Programming Macros) concept. A recent version is HLASM Toolkit Features User's Guide (GC26-8710-10) . You will found : <lang 360asm> IF ... THEN ELSE ENDIF DO WHILE=(...) ENDDO DO UNTIL=(...) ENDDO </lang> The classic macro REGEQU for refrerencing the registers is found in all good MACLIBs.
PROLOG and EPILOG are not part of this set my own version is: <lang 360asm> MACRO &N PROLOG &N CSECT

        USING &N,13


        DC    17F'0'
        DC    CL8'&N'

@STM STM 14,12,12(13)

        ST    13,4(15)
        ST    15,8(13)
        LR    13,15

<lang 360asm> MACRO &N EPILOG &N CNOP 0,4

        L     13,4(0,13)
        LM    14,12,12(13)
        XR    15,15
        BR    14

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