AutoHotkey 1.1

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AutoHotkey 1.1 is an implementation of AutoHotkey. Other implementations of AutoHotkey.

The official version of AutoHotkey (AHK). Formerly AutoHotkey_L (AHK_L), it is now simply referred to as "AutoHotkey 1.1".

The original creator of AHK, Chris Mallett, released his last version - version - in mid 2009, having lost interest. Lexikos (also known as Steve Gray) had already begun developing a fork that was at the time named AHK_L. AHK_L quickly became the de-facto official version of AutoHotkey. Much long-desired functionality such as Unicode, COM, arrays/objects and more was implemented; some of which was implemented by fellow community members.

After consultation with the community, AutoHotkey_L became the official branch and now has been renamed to "AutoHotkey" or AHK 1.1 to be specific. Lexikos officially became the AHK maintainer.

Main Links

Lexikos · Currently the main author of AHK

Documentation & Tutorials

Documentation (de - 帮助)
Community tutorials ·
Community tutorials ·
YouTube AutoHotkey tutorials
Book · Work in progress
日本語 AutoHotkey Wiki · Japanese

Communities forum (de, 中文) forum (de)
Русскоязычный форум · Russian forum,
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Source Code (at Github)

AutoHotkey source code
AutoHotkey documentation (de)
ahk2exe source code
AutoHotkey v2 · Alpha stage
AHKScript Github organisation


AutoHotkey.dll + AHK_N + AHK_H
Pocket PCs · WinCE
IronAHK · .NET rewrite (cross-platform, alpha stage / abandoned)


AutoHotkey_Basic · The original version by Chris Mallett which is no longer maintained