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ats2-xprelude is a package for ATS that provides "extensions to the ATS prelude." It is hosted in Mercurial at and has Git mirrors of its default branch at Github and Bitbucket.

Among the things provided are a fuller set of integer and floating point operations, and some bug fixes for those that are already in the prelude. Furthermore, access is provided to C types such as the interchange types _Float16, _Float32, _Float64, _Float128, and decimal floating point. Math functions are brought into the "g0float" typekind system. A 32+32-bit fixed point type is added, and treated as a "g0float" typekind.

There is also optional garbage-collected support for GMP exact rationals, and GNU MPFR arbitrary-precision floating point. Both are treated as "g0float" typekinds. The numerators of exact rationals can be used as "big integers" (GMP's "mpz_t" type).

There is also support for sorting that lets one choose at compile time between different sort implementations (some of which are optional extra packages).