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This is an example of a library. You may see a list of other libraries used on Rosetta Code at Category:Solutions by Library.
POSIX or "Portable Operating System Interface" is a standard for systems that resemble Unix. The current version, POSIX.1-2008, is a project of both the IEEE and the Open Group. More information is at POSIX at Wikipedia.
  • POSIX defines an API for C programs, with functions such as fork(), opendir(), regcomp(), wait() and unlink().
  • POSIX also defines commands such as awk, bc, grep, ls, m4, rm, sed and sh.

The pages in this category have examples marked {{libheader|POSIX}}. These examples require some of the POSIX functions; a C or C++ example that calls fork() would be in this category. Some languages, like Ada or Perl, have a POSIX library.

POSIX threads go in Category:pthread.