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FLTK is a toolkit. It provides a system for creation and management of graphical user interface elements.

FLTK (The "Fast, Light Toolkit") is a cross-platform GUI library. Made with 3D graphics programming in mind, it has an interface to OpenGL, but it is still suitable for general GUI programming.

FLTK is free software, licensed under LGPL with an additional clause permitting static linking from applications with incompatible licenses. It includes FLUID (FLTK User Interface Designer), a graphical GUI designer that generates C++ source and header files.

FLTK uses a lightweight design and restricts itself to GUI functionality. Because of this, the library is very small (the FLTK "Hello World" program is around 100 KiB), and is usually statically linked. It also avoids complicated macros and separate code preprocessors, and does not use advanced C++ features.

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